High-quality fuel additive

It helps all engines start easily and run just as easily and smoothly, even while using ethanol-blended fuel or after not using your car for a long time.

Why use Petrolo?

If you would like to enhance your engine and give your car the ultimate clean up resulting in more miles to the gallon, Petrolo is the perfect product for you and your vehicle. It is safe to use and from extremely high quality.

How does it work?

Petrolo is formulated to remove power-robbing deposits from your fuel injectors whilst increasing the octane rating in petrol, allowing vehicles to perform at their optimum level and also restore power and performance.

How to use it?

Petrolo is suitable for all classic/modern engines and catalytic converters. Perfect for giving your fuel system the ultimate clean up with added protection and a power booster. Just add to your fuel tank every 4000 miles.

Here are the main benefits of Petrolo fuel additive

Stabilizes fuel - Stabilizes your fuel for up to a few years and it helps renew the old, sub-spec fuel.

It helps remove the gum and carbon deposits to keep engines running clean and strong.

Disperses water - Helps prevent phase separation by dispersing water into sub-micron-sized drops.

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  • Helps give life back to old fuel01
  • Enhances performance of the car 02
  • Removes gum and carbon deposits 03
  • Stabilizes your fuel for up to 2 years 04
  • Works with all engines and in all fuel05

Price: € 32.00

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